Burst-Psychedelic, watercolor on paper, 60 by 45 in. Emilia Kallock 2005

Looking back from a painting from the burst series from 2005.


Children in a Pine Tree, oil on board, 12 by 14 in. Emilia Kallock 2017

Painting to celebrate Earth Day.  May we leave a healthy wholesome place for future generations.  Reward for sitting for live painting: a bit of organic applesauce cake and deviled (from free range) eggs. Asking the kids to sit any longer than five minutes on a beautiful spring day just didn’t seem feasible or constructive.  Remainder of painting completed in studio.

paintings, watercolor

Trees move closer towards the spotlight for me, and I spent the better half of yesterday doing watercolor studies of some of my favorite, some to be used in a larger piece.  I sat on the ground to do most of these, while the mosquitos attacked and my daughter kept me company for a while.  The thought crossed my mind how wonderful it would be to plant a tree in honor of friends, family, loved ones and the sketch “If I Could Plant One Tree In Your Honor What Would It Be” ensued.