“I paint my paintings sometimes out of sheer pleasure- to celebrate something and make sure I record it.  But sometimes, I feel like I just have to, like I’m compelled by some didactic force.  And if I don’t paint the painting, it feels I’m doing a great disservice to the universe.”

Following a belief that inspiration can come from anywhere, her decision to become an artist occurred exactly at age 8 after seeing the movie Crocodile Dundee (1986), where in the opening scenes there appears a woman painting.  Her ongoing use of diverse painting styles and subject matter fit her in a deconstructivist school.

Emilia compares painting to a creation of a new world language and also as a form of journalistic practice. Her strong subjective work is informed by studying International Politics at the George Washington University and from diverse cultural aesthetic techniques acquired in places as far ranging as Cuba, Spain, and Alaska.   Her Norwegian and Chilean roots also influence her aesthetic.

Plein aire, portraiture, collage and free association are part of her creative process.

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