Lately I’ve been practicing gifting and receiving. There is another word in yoga for practice, and it is called Sadhana. Sadhana means commitment to yourself—being devoted to yourself and your inner teacher. Yoga is just that! Now my practice encompasses sharing the amazing tools that have healed and benefitted me, and keeps me on point for the demands of being an artist.

I’m excited to announce I will be offering Kundalini Yoga at this year’s Northwest Herbal Festival held in June in Eastern Washington.

You are lovingly invited to MOSAIC: Northwest Herbal Fair 2023 ~ June 8-11 at Skalitude Retreat Center near Twisp, WA.

Join me and over 20 other Herbalists, Mycologists, Musicians, Healing Artists, & other Earth-loving folk for a weekend of education, celebration & rejuvenation! 

Join me for KUNDALINI YOGA FUSION: 9-10 AM Wednesday at Taj Motion.

Taj Motion: Crown Hill Center, 9250 14th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

About the Instructor

Emilia is a Kundalini Teacher certified through Yoga Farm Ithaca, NY. Informed by her own personal study of Eastern energy meridians and breathing practices, Qi Gong, nature-based healing modalities and meditation, she believes healing on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual begins with body awareness. In her teaching, Emilia blends mindfulness of self and of Mother Earth, breathwork, and mantra into the physical practice of yoga. Since 2020, she has been offering yoga practice at private studios and festival gatherings throughout the Northwest. Her yoga practice sustains her other hats of visual artist and family householder. Her Kundalini training is trauma-informed, inspiring each individual to find their own inner body wisdom.

Hatha Fusion Yoga Classes

In my hatha yoga classes, we incorporate traditional flow postures with a sprinkling of Kundalini methods. We work on body awareness with a focus on breathing during held postures and pauses. This contributes to building strength and flexibility which in turn helps our body’s natural immune system. Our warm up will revitalize our spine and bring flexibility to our minds. You will learn important breathing exercises that are simple yet effective ways to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and de-stress the mind. All levels welcome.

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga incorporates repetitive movements, long held postures, mediation, mantra chanting, and dynamic breathing techniques – all with the fundamental goal to increase and improve physical strength and vitality along with enhanced consciousness and awareness. It’s hands down my favorite type of yoga! When we generate hormonal balance in the glands located in our brain, it optimizes the state of all the glands in the body.  Kundalini Yoga is the most ancient branch of yoga and focuses on the removal of physical, mental emotional and spiritual toxins from our body and energy field.   In my Kundalini classes, you will learn a series of Kundalini postures known as a KRIYA set, as well as breathwork and a mantra to support the endocrine and nervous systems.   These help regulate our moods, sleep, and general engagement in the world. Often regarded as one of the most challenging types of yoga, I am trained in a trauma informed teaching approach, meaning I will provide adaptations and modifications that will allow each student to begin their journey of Kundalini yoga at their current skill level.

Sciatica: Prevention and Relief: Hatha Yoga Set

In this class we will be learning about basic postures that can be done to relieve sciatic pain.  We will also learn about the body systems that affects the sciatic nerve.  With slow, guided movements incorporating breathwork, we will also learn postures that can help prevent sciatica by  strengthening our deep core muscles and glutes.  Class for all levels.

Calm Mind and Strong Body. Advanced Kundalini Class.

Traditional Kundalini Yoga Class. The kriya (sequence) in this class makes you stronger physically and mentally. We will work on creating flexibility in our spine which in turn creates flexibility in our mind. The warm up and postures work on the liver, kidney, colon, lungs and lymph system to assist the body in its natural process of neutralizing, transforming or clearing out unwanted materials or toxins. As in all my Kundalini classes, I will offer adaptations if you are new to this style of yoga, but in this particular class we will be exploring longer durations of yoga postures.

Set for Core Strength: Hatha Fusion

Perfect for complementing strength training and other athletic pursuits, in this class, we will move slowly and deliberately hold poses while simultaneously focusing on breath and energy flow techniques. This will challenge your strength and flexibility and help you grow into your own body awareness.

This class will place special emphasis on postures designed to build strength in the naval area. This will help you function from a solid platform revitalizing your energy levels and reducing stress. All levels.

Parasympathetic Nervous System Set: Kundalini Yoga

This class is a full Kundalini set with movements that work to bring your whole body into a higher frequency. It clears your mind from negative thoughts and promotes the natural healing properties inherent in each person. We will practice poses that boost our immune system and strengthen our hormonal and endocrine system. We will use a traditional tune-in and warm up movements, practice a specific set of postures known as a Kriya, do a short meditation and sing a mantra at the end. This class if perfect if you are just beginning and want to know more about Kundalini yoga or want to deepen your practice.

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