The following art pieces are are garden and landscape designs. They are blueprints for real spaces.

Region Map, Zones and Land Use, watercolor, pen and colored pencil on paper, 20 by 20 in. Emilia Kallock, 2021

This painting is a land use design suggestion. It’s made for the area where I grew up and inhabit, and designates areas for wild spaces, habitats, gardens, urban areas, bike paths, trails, parks and wildlife corridors. This is an overall suggestion for ways which people may develop a reciprocal, sustainable and right relationship with the land they inhabit so as to live healthy lives, preserve wild spaces and nature. As these were the ways of the first native peoples of the area, they will be consulted as to how to correctly honor the land, the previous inhabitants and the animals present. The goal for these land uses are so future generations can thrive and have access to non-developed places, and animals and ecosystems can co-exist with humans. Key areas such as forests, bodies of water, river deltas and tributaries are designated to be kept in the wild state. Also pictured are land bridges across roads to assist animal movement and migration. Areas are designated for habitat preserves and non-motorized public access and camping. Not to be missed are the local community co-created gardens for aesthetic, educational, medicinal and food purposes. Zoom in to see key, details and notes.

Community Greenhouse Dome Proposal, for growing Avocado, Cherimoya, Plumeria and Lemon, Gardenia and Jasmin. watercolor and oil on paper, 22 by 30 in. Emilia Kallock, 2021

This Geodesic Dome Greenhouse is a design for growing warm climate trees and plants in the Salish Bay area of Washington State. The illustration shows the fauna to be grown and pictures a water catchment system and reservoir for dry summer months, as well as a solar system to supply heat in the winter. The dome functions as an school age educational destination and public garden. Festivals and events can be created around the harvest of the fruits and flowers of the garden.

High school Garden Design Sketch, watercolor on paper, 9 by 11 in. Emilia Kallock, 2021

This garden is a preliminary garden suggestion for a high school. Its purpose is to create common areas where students can mingle, relax and commune in nature. An area is designated for a garden, and the entire design created for young people to have access to a natural, healthy, fun, dramatic, functional and beautiful environment.

Moon Garden, 55 by 55 in. watercolor and pencil on wallpaper, Emilia Kallock, 2020
Moon Garden Painting Video Description
The purpose of this image is a design for a lush beautiful public garden following classic South American Colonial square plaza design. Brightly colored flowering trees and shrubs grace this park, so people can have a tranquil color therapy of sorts.
Purple Plaza Design, watercolor and pencil on paper, 10 by 8 in. Emilia Kallock, 2019

Plaza design for warm climates.

Blockbuster Garden Design Painting, acrylic on roofing paper, 35 by 43 in. Emilia Kallock, 2010

This garden comprises 20 acres. Blockbuster Garden Design Painting is a blueprint for a landscape, and describes the trees and plants and the manner in which they are to be planted and grown. The title of the painting refers to a movie term which suggests that it will be a popular and winning endeavor. The plants selected stand out for their color, scent, and growth characteristics: Climbing plants such as honeysuckle and virginia creeper climb on dramatic metal frames: one heart shaped and one a large square. The wisteria will grow on an araucaria tree. The oaks and cherry trees will provide beautiful picniking and shade areas for people to gather. The flowers are chosen to provide a dreamy feel and many are fragrant. All were chosen because of their color saturation at different times of the year and are strategically planted among the walking paths and L-shaped pond. The large, climbable cat sculpture was designed by my daughter and I and will be an instant popular destination for children and their families. All these features will make favorable backdrops for photos and draw many tourists. The plants and trees are easy to grow in the northwest and were selected based upon my first hand knowledge as a gardener.

Garden design sketch, watercolor on paper, 2021
Garden Design notes, watercolor on paper