Portugal Paintings

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Terrace in the Evening, Old Walled City of Évora, Portugal, tempera on paper, Emilia Kallock, 2019

Planet (Dance)

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Secret Garden Design

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Even though I created this garden design painting in the states, it’s fitting I post about it now in Chile, initially inspired by the dreamy courtyard gardens at Huilquilemu – a large Spanish era colonial villa southeast of Santiago used for community festivals and currently under restoration by the local university. The garden in Chile was originally planted by a well traveled widow 150 years ago that brought plants from all over the world for her yard. When I visited, the space was a little wild, but that added to the mystery of the place. Araucaria (monkey Puzzle tree, indigenous to Chile) palm and pine shaded the geometric layout of the grounds.

finished Secret Garden Design, 50 by 50 in. watercolor on repurposed wallpaper, Emilia Kallock 2019,. Huilquilemu as well as the two parks in Seattle (Greenlake and Volunteers Park) created by the Olmstead Brothers in the early 1900s inspired greatly my “secret garden” design here. My painting explains the type of trees and plants to comprise the approximately 2 acre garden as well as the surrounding wall plantings and the 4 additional entrances besides the main gate. I chose the trees according to aesthetics and viability in the Pacific Northwest. My grandmothers in Chile and Washington State were both avid gardeners and both planted gardens where they lived, leaving a legacy of a large variety trees, plants and flowers. Many of these are drawn into the secret garden blueprint.

The Puzzle of Love and the Mysterious Blue Man

flowers, human figure, landscape

The Puzzle of Love and the Mysterious Blue Man, acrylic on industrial wallpaper, 47 by 53 in. Collaboration by Emilia Kallock with Verenice, 2018

The Wish Painting, for More Love, Eco-Compassion, Forests, and Flowers

human figure, landscape, northwest art

A large piece, the little heart squiggles are each representative of wonderful wishes and creations, the two figures in receptivity and gracious prayer. A giant nasturtium in the background and giant crystals of all types in the front.

Untitled (Norwegian Gargoyles)

human figure, landscape

Untitled (Norwegian Gargoyles), charcoal and acrylic on industrial wallpaper, 68 by 53 in. Emilia Kallock 2017

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The central, dual walking figure in this painting represents someone learning to face deep fears, as represented by the lower figures- all modeled

Private Mural Commission

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Burro from Bible, acrylic on plywood mural, 12 by 8 ft. Emilia Kallock 2017

First day of mural commission at private residence, a pastoral scene with a burro.  The elderly client wanted to look out to his yard and see a Biblical scene while he exercises on his stationary bike.

human figure, landscape, oil, painting


In the Sculpture Garden, Santiago, Chile, oil on board, 12 by 18 in. Emilia Kallock

A three hour session creating the sepia layer in my first try at sfumato, an Italian renaissance painting technique that Leonardo and Rembrandt used.  We’ll see where it goes from here.


flowers, landscape, nature, sketches, watercolor

A continued focus on flowers, trees and public parks while I am here in Chile.  The following watercolors are observations on the peaceful vibe always felt in the well attended plazas.  I also continue fantasizing about park designs which I feel would be like 3-D painting but with living things.  The Jacaranda tree and the Bougainvillea vine are currently stealing my heart.

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tulips_greenwood_painting_2016 New tulip, still life and landscape paintings will be for sale as part of this weekend’s Greenwood Tree Co-op fundraiser.  Come by for this great morning event in Mt. Vernon, WA and get some delicious pancakes too!gwt_pancake_2016

landscape, nature, oil, paintings

Tulips 1, oil on board, 16 by 20 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

Tulips 1, oil on board, 16 by 20 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

This painting can hang from either of the four sides- it was painted with the intention of being viewed from the direction chosen by the viewer. Over time I’ve noticed that a percentage of my pieces fit into this category – I’ve added this symbol next to my signature to specify those that can:

landscape, oil

The Many Definitions of Red in China, 60 by 48 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

The Many Definitions of Red in China, oil on canvas, 60 by 48 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

The Many Definitions of Red in China, oil on canvas, 60 by 48 in.


Events and Exhibitions, landscape, still life

Two new oils and one watercolor painting on exhibition February 2016 for the Art Aloft show Stanwood, WA, an annual judged group show organized by the Stanwood Camano Arts Guild.  Artist reception Friday Feb. 12th, from 5pm till 7pm. The show runs from Feb. 13th until Feb. 27th.

Still Life #1, oil on board, 22 by 22 in. Emilia Kallock 2015

Still Life #1, oil on board, 22 by 22 in. Emilia Kallock 2015