Planet (Dance)

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Work in progress- Bull painting commission started

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It’s been forever since I’ve painted a bull- Beginning of a longhorn among cactus- commissioned painting 24 by 30 in. Oil

Mural- Ketchikan, Alaska work in progress

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For this mural the client was interested in themes of peace, wisdom and regeneration, and wanted birds, so naturally doves, owl and the classic stork were chosen. Because the client is also of French origin I choose the Fleur de Lis as a background, also giving it an emblematic or seal quality we wanted- when experimenting with design ideas I originally took the wings and design layout of the American seal but then we opted for a more Native totem design where bird wings are directly outstretched. Lastly, we added the life ring that compliments the fishing life here in Alaska and added an element of owl as protector/ guardian of regenerative life. The mural is on a large industrial garage door and faces the main highway north of town. I enjoyed bringing art to an unconventional surface where many people may see it.

Eaglets Class Sign

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I finished the classroom sign for my daughter’s first grade class. They named themselves The Eaglets.

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday!, acrylic on canvas, 62 by 50 in. Emilia Kallock, 2018

I drew from various points of inspiration for this piece, starting with it being the year of the dog on the Chinese Zodiac.  The dog is red, like Clifford, the big red dog from school storybooks, and adapted to look like a Labradoodle, which I’ve sometimes considered as my totem animal. Dogs in general to me are creatures of play and protection, and I like them because they demand fun if you want to make them happy and are loyal companions.  Mixed in its fur are Japanese paper cranes and flowers symbolizing peace.  There’s rain in the background because I live in the Pacific Northwest of the North American continent, where it rains a lot.

Private Mural Commission

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Burro from Bible, acrylic on plywood mural, 12 by 8 ft. Emilia Kallock 2017

First day of mural commission at private residence, a pastoral scene with a burro.  The elderly client wanted to look out to his yard and see a Biblical scene while he exercises on his stationary bike.

The Lamb

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The Lamb, acrylic and aluminum paper on canvas, 70 by 50 in. Emilia Kallock 2017

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A day for domestic animals- previously unpublished paintings.  The little white dog is happily running among rainbow colors with the strength from his past ancestor dogs, in Spirit Dogs, 2008.  The two cats in the Lilypond, 2013 paintings are lounging lazily in the sun despite there being fish in the pond beside them.

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Studies of values and composition for upcoming mural.  Which one do you like the best?

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Swan studies for upcoming mural.

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Aaas Gutu Yatx'i", or Child of The Bushes/Forest, oil on canvas, 12 by 10 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

Aas Gutu Yatx’i”, or Child of The Bushes or Forest, oil on canvas, 12 by 10 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

This bird is known as Aas Gutu Yatx’i” or ‘child of the bushes or forest’ in Tlingit – and is one of my favorites because they are fluffy and, although wild, very outgoing.  They are found high alpine and in older forests.