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Welcome. Here you can find my artwork, landscape and garden design and yoga!

May you be infused with love and happiness.  May you find your true highest destiny and potential in everything you do.  May you trust the divine order of everything.  May you always know how loved you are.   May you always love yourself so that you can love and share light with all.   May this practice be a blessing for you.  I open my heart to all of you and trust that it is in divine order I share with you. May your life have the potential to create magic so you can live in bliss, you can live in light, and you can live in love. 

-Karena Virginia
  • Painting 2022, A Dream of Wild Spaces: Women and Nature Thriving

    Swans and Women, acrylic on canvas, 43 by 52 in. Emilia Kallock, 2022
    Dream of Wild Spaces, Women and Nature Thriving, acrylic on canvas, 52 by 39 in. Emilia Kallock, 2022

    The swans will soon fly off, their migration-I still see them in the nearby fields. A dreamscape emerges, all the existing open spaces where the swans 🦢 winter in the Stillaguamish and Skagit Valley #deltas are fiercely and creatively preserved, and then people learn about the other animals- the creatures that rightfully cohabitate this land – a simbiótica: a mutual appreciation begins, a peaceful nature, where the air is filled with the non-motorized stuff poets can now write about- women and children can sleep peacefully….dream, reality, the animals and their homes can be okay… Basquiat and Chagall stayed with me during this piece-thank you all policymakers and landowners who prioritize wildlife amidst development—–what if— a park as big as Yellowstone…

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    Holstein Cow

    Untitled (Holstein Cow), watercolor and pencil on paper, 22 by 18 in. Emilia Kallock, 2021

  • Community Greenhouse Project, Biodome

    Community Greenhouse Dome Proposal, for growing Avocado, Cherimoya, Plumeria and Lemon, Gardenia and Jasmin. watercolor and oil on paper, 22 by 30 in. Emilia Kallock, 2021

    Biodome project. Created for the community of Stanwood/Camano and the Stanwood Camano School District to have access to warm climate crops and flowers, and for a commuity green space of beauty and relaxation. Dome greenhouse to grow: 1 Lemon Tree, 1 Cherimoya Tree, 1 Avocado Tree, 1 Plumeria Tree, 18 Gardenia plants and 2 Fragrant Jasmine Vines.

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    Moon Painting

    Moon Painting, watercolor on paper, 18 by 24 in. Emilia Kallock, 8/13/2021

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    Shapes, Conceptual Painting 2021

    Shapes, watercolor on paper, 18 by 24 in. Emilia Kallock, 2021

About Me

I’m passionate about the arts. Yoga is my new expression, but I’ll always be painting. I lead yoga classes at festivals, private studios and in public spaces outdoors. I’ve also taught art classes to children and adults- Contact me for a workshop at your location. emiliakallock at gmail.com

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