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Welcome. Here you can find my artwork, landscape and garden design and yoga!

May you be infused with love and happiness.  May you find your true highest destiny and potential in everything you do.  May you trust the divine order of everything.  May you always know how loved you are.   May you always love yourself so that you can love and share light with all.   May this practice be a blessing for you.  I open my heart to all of you and trust that it is in divine order I share with you. May your life have the potential to create magic so you can live in bliss, you can live in light, and you can live in love. 

-Karena Virginia
  • Exhibition at Lincoln Theater

    Two of 7 pieces up at Lincoln Theater in Mt.Vernon WA for the month of July 2022

  • The affair

    Laying around, como si la vida fuera durar para siempre

  • Dream- book- worlds- forests

    Dream, Book, watercolor on paper, 11 by 15 in. Emilia Kallock, 2022

  • Tree House Design, Flowering Cherry Tree

    Tree House Design on Flowering Cherry Tree, watercolor and pencil on paper, 19 by 22 in. Emilia Kallock, 2022

    This painting will be put to use as a blueprint for a real life tree house whose construction will begin this week! My daughter climbed the tree and pointed out where the main structures should go- one main floor where the branches begin to grow outwards and a higher up crows nest lookout. A slide and a hanging ladder will bring the finishing touches. (We are looking for an upcycled play slide at least 9 ft long.) My grandmother planted the tree of choice in our back yard about 70 years ago. It is a flowering cherry with pale pink blossoms in March and then is covered in deep burgundy foliage the rest of the summer and fall. The branches a very strong and will make an excellent base for a tree house. More to come…

About Me

I’m passionate about the arts. Yoga is my new expression, but I’ll always be painting. I lead yoga classes at festivals, private studios and in public spaces outdoors. I’ve also taught art classes to children and adults- Contact me for a workshop at your location. emiliakallock at gmail.com

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